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Undergraduate Advising


CCA Undergraduate Advising advocates for student success. We partner with students to develop and achieve their creative, academic, personal, and professional goals as participants in diverse local and global communities. In collaboration with our advising, students should be able to:

  • navigate various systems to find value in all aspects of their educational choices.
  • develop strategies for success with intentionality, integrity, and equanimity.
  • engage in meaningful relationships in order to cultivate dynamic creative practices.

Feel free to contact with general questions or concerns regarding advising.

Advising Values

  • We Advise. You Decide. Promoting awareness of policies and resources that impact student needs and goals within the context of the community, college, and program.
  • You Are Supported. Encouraging self-reflection, self-authorship, and empowerment to develop networks of relationships that strengthen student success.
  • We Are With You. Supporting student growth through meaningful interactions that cultivate respect and prioritize self-care.

Advising Structure

Undergraduate advising at CCA is divided into two stages:

  • First Year Advising for first-time, first-year students.
  • Program Advising for transfer, second-degree, and continuing students.

Your academic advisor and program expert are listed on your program evaluation / degree audit accessible via WebAdvisor. You can also view their contact information via WebAdvisor by selecting E-mail My Advisor(s) under Communication on the left-side of the Students Menu.

Review the Student Statement, and select the appropriate advising structure below to schedule an advising or first year advising appointment.

Advising Support

Academic advisors support students in a variety of ways that include:

  • Individual meetings
  • Registration support
  • Academic planning tools
  • Advising events and workshops
  • Campus resource referrals

You should regularly review your program evaluation / degree audit, available via WebAdvisor, to check progress towards degree completion. Make note of the catalog year in which you entered CCA, listed at the top of the degree audit, to ensure that you are meeting the appropriate requirements. Be sure to reference the course guide / sequence chart that corresponds to your major program and catalog year for the recommended path in which requirements should be completed.

Advising Leadership