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FAQ Regarding the CCA Data Security and Confidentiality Agreement

Why am I required to sign this document?

The Confidentiality Agreement helps to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities for maintaining compliance with various laws and guidelines for protecting data. This protects the college and the privacy of our community. Your signature indicates that you are aware of and committed to fulfilling these responsibilities.

Why am I required to sign this document every year?

Annual verification of the agreement ensures that everyone has seen and signed the most up-to-date document and also serves as a reminder of the responsibilities we have to protect each other’s confidentiality.

If I post student work to social media, will I be breaching this agreement?

No, but there are other factors to consider, including FERPA. Some considerations include:

A policy for using student work is available If you have any additional questions about appropriate sharing of student work, please consult with Academic Affairs and Marketing & Communications.

Why is the document in “legal-ese” and so long?

The document was crafted to describe the legal obligations of CCA community members to protect one another.

Is this a condition of employment?


What will happen if I refuse to sign?

Your supervisor will review any specific questions or concerns you might have, then ask you to sign it. If you continue to have questions or are not comfortable signing the agreement, you will be referred to Human Resources for next steps.