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How to Use Your Zoom Phone

Last updated on Dec 15, 2022

Before you begin

Download the latest version of Zoom. You'll need the Zoom Desktop Client and the Zoom Mobile App (if you wish to use Zoom Phone from a mobile device).

Follow these download instructions if needed:

You may need to relaunch your Zoom application before phone options become visible.

Physical desk phones have been provisioned on a limited basis. See Physical desk phones for more information.

Getting started

1 Access CCA's Zoom web Portal

Initial setup and access to phone settings require you to log in to the Zoom web portal. To do so:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Sign in.'
  3. You should now see CCA's single sign-on page. Log in using your CCA credentials.

CCA also uses Zoom for videoconferencing, so you'll be able to access videoconferencing settings and tools from the Zoom web portal as well.

Not seeing the CCA login page?

Some links may take you to Zoom's general login page, from which you can sign in using either:

SSO login

  1. Select SSO
  2. Enter 'CCA' under Company Domain,
  3. Log in using your CCA credentials

Google account login

  1. Select 'Google'
  2. Select your CCA account
  3. Log in (if needed) using your CCA credentials

2 Set up your Zoom Phone

Follow these instructions for initial setup of your Zoom Phone. On the initial setup screen:

  • Do not change the pre-filled area code (it should be 415 by default)
  • Update your PIN as desired (you can use the pre-generated PIN provided as well)

This setup guide also includes basic information about phone settings, contacts, voicemail and call history, and call functionality.

3 Adjust your phone settings

After initial setup, learn how to change your phone settings through the Zoom web portal.

you can access CCA's Zoom web portal at

Here are a few settings you can manage from the web portal:

  • Record your voicemail message
  • Update your emergency address
  • Change your ringtone
  • Edit your call handling preferences
  • Enable/disable your membership in call queues
  • Set up delegations

You can also adjust some phone settings from your Zoom desktop or mobile apps as well (such as your video greeting), but options are more limited.

Using your phone

4 Make and receive phone calls

5 Manage your voicemail, call history, and recordings

Restricted/Disabled Functions

Please note that certain functionality, like call recording, is disabled by default and can only be enabled by an administrator. To request access to such features, please contact the Help Desk.

Physical desk phones

In addition to the softphone features available for the Zoom desktop and mobile applications, CCA has provisioned a number of physical desk phones for in-office use.

Designated vs Common area phones

Physical phones will be allocated for certain staff and departments, and some phones will be available in common areas for ad hoc "hot desk" use as well.

Please note that desk phones don't support all Zoom Phone features.

6 Use your designated desk phone

Learn how to use the Polycom desk phone, including placing, receiving, and managing calls, as well as checking your call history and voicemail.

7 Use a common area phone

Using a Common Area Phone (No Sign-in Required)

Anyone can use a common area phone. A general purpose line is connected to each phone so you can use it to call out (U.S. and Canada only) without needing to sign in.

See the Polycom desk phone guide for desk phone usage instructions.

Connect Your Own Phone Line to a Common Area Phone

If you have your own Zoom Phone extension, you can sign in to a common area phone to temporarily use your phone line on that device (and sign out when you're done).

Follow this guide for using hot desking for common area phones. See these sections for guidance:

  • How to enable hot desking > User
  • How to use hot desking
  • How to view phones with hot desking and remotely signing out > User

Where are these common area phones?

Breakout and meeting rooms with a common area phone will be indicated in Google Calendar. See Reserve a Collaboration Space Using Google Calendar for booking instructions.

Additional help

Zoom Phone support site

Get access to detailed, up-to-date documentation for Zoom Phone, including help on advanced topics.

Contact the Help Desk

Submit a Help Desk ticket for assistance with the following:

  • Changes in service, such as enabling international calling or adding/removing phone lines
  • Technical issues not resolved by following the guides provided