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Interior Design Junior Review

What is the Junior Review?

The Interior Design Junior Review is a mid-program discussion between students and faculty that is required of all Interior Design students prior to their senior year. It is an opportunity so summarize and reflect on the work each student has done thus far. It is also a chance for students to discuss strengths and weaknesses with faculty and develop plans and strategies for moving forward successfully. A small team of faculty will listen to each presentation, discuss the work and trajectory presented, and provide written feedback.

When does the Junior Review take place?

The Interior Design Junior Review is typically scheduled during the Spring semester in the San Francisco campus Nave. Your Program Chair and Program Manager will notify you of the exact dates as they approach.

What are the Junior Review requirements?

  • Students are broken into groups of 3 or 4 students and assigned 2-3 faculty reviewers.
  • Students are expected to display printed work, models, and material samples. Digital work may also be projected or displayed on monitors if requested.
  • All Studio, Design Media, and Materiality & Space courses should be represented. The amount of space dedicated to each course is up to the students.
  • All students will also give a verbal presentation.

What happens if I fail my Junior Review?

The Junior Review is not set up as a pass/fail component. Rather, all students will be given constructive feedback to help them prepare for their senior year's Advanced and Advanced Interdisciplinary studios and related courses.