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Last updated on Jan 08, 2024

Architecture: Interior Design, BFA

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Inspired Interiors that Impact the World

Interior Design is a four-year, accredited professional degree program. Our position within one of the top art colleges in the country, and within CCA’s Architecture discipline, makes us highly interdisciplinary. We have a particular focus on sustainable material practices and spatial innovation. Our students collaborate with interaction designers, industrial designers, ceramicists, glass artists, furniture makers, fashion designers, architects, and textile designers. They approach the design of built environments with equal emphasis on spatial and technical conditions.

Embrace Innovative Thinking and Making

From study models to digital renderings and full-scale installations, you’ll test new materials and design methods to create breakthrough interior spaces. Our faculty consists of leading interior designers and architects whose designs have been implemented in national retail chains, museums, and corporate and residential projects throughout the world.

Together you’ll explore how the field of interior design offers an interdisciplinary connection to art, architecture, interaction design, furniture, and even fashion design.

Join A Competitive, Award-Winning Program

CCA's Interior Design students have received almost $50,000 in external scholarships and awards in the last year, including the Donghia Award, the NEWH Icon of Industry scholarship and are current finalists for the Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship and two of the ten finalists for the ASID Student Portfolio Competition are CCA Interior Design students - all are national awards!

Shape Your Interior Design Future

Through our successful design studio collaborations with such institutions as the Sierra Club, the Alameda County Community Food Bank, and the Dolores Shelter Program, you’ll learn how to put good design into practice. And our extensive internship program provides you with professional design experience working at global architecture firms and design studios such as Gensler and B&B Italia.

Advanced-Level Studios will challenge you to consider how interior design affects the way we live, work, and connect with one another. You leave the program prepared for a lasting and meaningful interior design career.