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Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

Fine Arts: Jewelry + Metal Arts, BFA



Learn to create innovative metal arts while discovering your artistic voice.

Incorporate Traditional & Contemporary Approaches

Discover our Jewelry / Metal Arts Program, where traditional and contemporary art practices meld. We've offered metal arts courses for more than a century, encouraging you to fabricate a range of refined metal works -- from wearable art to experimental sculpture -- and develop your craft. Our notable alumni are creating truly meaningful pieces that expand the boundaries of the metal art form.

Develop Artistic & Technical Expertise

Our diverse Jewelry / Metal Arts curriculum emphasizes skilled craftsmanship, metal arts history, conceptual rigor, and craft theory. With nationally recognized faculty and acclaimed visiting artists as mentors and sources of inspiration, you’ll build a strong foundation of metalsmithing techniques. You’ll also develop your individual voice -- your sense of design and aesthetics -- as you reshape materials and push them in new directions.

Forge Your Career in Metal Arts

Learning inside CCA's elite arts environment, which includes several fine arts programs nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report, you’ll have the resources you need to shape a promising future in jewelry or metal arts. From professional-practice courses to Bay Area internships to local gallery opportunities, you’ll earn an education that extends far beyond the classroom -- one that fully prepares you for a lifelong creative career in metal arts.