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Last updated on Jan 31, 2022

Fine Arts: Painting + Drawing, BFA



Expand your perceptions of painting and drawing, and develop your own position as an artist.

Find Your Place

Explore the traditions of painting and drawing, while taking bold leaps to develop your voice as an artist. The Painting and Drawing Program encourages experimentation, while also familiarizing students with critical and technical skills necessary to sustain an artistic practice.

Expand Your Palette

Painting and Drawing majors develop confidence and purpose through coursework that builds a path from mentored experiments that focus on material and conceptual development to independent, self-generated projects. You'll work with our renowned faculty, all of whom are practicing artists, to discover new materials, concepts, and projects that will help you take your work in unexpected directions.

Shape Your Practice

Painting and Drawing majors also explore the vibrant art scene in the Bay Area, exploring the myriad perspectives of this diverse artistic community. The Program also hosts an array of national and international visiting artists, to engage our majors in intimate discussions and critiques. These opportunities allow our majors to expand their ideas about painting, to develop the vision and tools necessary to sustain a contemporary artistic practice -- within the school and beyond.