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2D: Painting & Drawing Studios

Building an energized painting community

Last updated on Jan 08, 2024

Studios are open 6am-Midnight 7 days a week

Access for program classes and majors only.
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Jeremiah Jenkins

3D Studio Operations Manager

About the 2D: Painting & Drawing Studios

N Painting Studios

The San Francisco Painting Studios are large, open, sunlit classrooms situated next to expansive north-facing windows that run the length of the Montgomery building (the main building on the campus).

Within these open spaces Painting/Drawing students are encouraged to build an energized painting community, hosting such events as the student-led Painting Club and Graduate Drawing Group, Figure Drawing Nights, and the small-talk lecture series Notes from the Studio that features casual artist talks by the Painting faculty.

Room 200

Room 200 is located on the second floor of the main building. The Drawing Studio is a welcoming, generous, and multipurpose room designed with adjustable lighting setups. Lighting equipment and painting and drawing equipment are readily available in the the space.

Hubbell Drawing Studio

The Hubbell drawing studio is located at 111 Hubbell St. The Drawing Studio is a multipurpose room designed with for holding painting and drawing classes, as well as, lectures and seminars. Lighting equipment and painting and drawing equipment are readily available in the the space.

The Senior Painting Studios

Senior Studios are available to students around-the-clock seven days a week during the academic year. This space functions as a working studio for students to create their individualized work in their chosen media as well as providing the Senior painting students the opportunity for social environment with fellow classmates to communicate and form collaborations. Students are assigned their own studio area within the shared space studio for their individual. The Students sign a studio contract and can use the same studio for two semesters of their Senior year.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Charcoal
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Paper

Tools and Equipment

  • Abundant natural light from floor to ceiling via north-facing windows in San Francisco
  • Air-filtration system
  • Halogen lights
  • Large basin sinks
  • Easels
  • Rolling painting walls
  • Large tables and palette tables
  • Large painting racks for storage
  • San Francisco studios feature a full digital set-up for lectures and presentations


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