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Learning Outcomes

Last updated on Dec 07, 2018

The requirements, reviews, and curriculum for CCA's Photography program are designed such that graduating students successfully achieve the following program learning outcomes:

Written Communication

Students can effectively present critical readings of key texts and their ideas in expository writing, both in research analysis and artist statements.

Oral Communication

Students can adeptly give and respond to critique and are able to be self-reflexive about intention, content, context, and future trajectories for their work.

Visual Communication

Students can employ creative strategies, problem solving, and technical skills to present formal and conceptual concerns in ways that consider audience and the production of meaning. In this process, students experiment with presentation, and demonstrate the relationship between form and conceptual concerns. Students continually work towards the highest quality art object. Ultimately, students understand that skill sets are not static, and that mastery is an ever changing frame of reference, acquired through practice and adaptability.

Visual Literacy

Students can apply their knowledge of historical and contemporary art and image based practices to contextualize their practices, as well as engage in a dialogue with contemporary issues around media, technology, ethics, and representation.

Artistic Voice & Creative Thinking

Students develop the capacity to individuate themselves among their peers, orally defend their work without solely focusing on personal experience, and offer critical assessment for works both in progress and finished that reflects intentionality and originality.

Professional Practice

Students can conduct themselves professionally, in time management and in communication with professors and peers. Students understand a variety of professional models, and can establish a sustainable creative life and be adept problem solving and skill development.


Students identify their practices within a global context, steeping themselves in diverse cultural perspectives around meaning, ethics, and representation. Students meet difference with curiosity and not judgment.

Social Responsibility

Students understand how images operate in culture and how artists can be agents for change, interrogating and reflecting the most important issues of our times.

Collaboration & Community

Students understand the importance of community and generosity, and develop collegiality within the time at CCA and as alums. Students are open to collaboration and understand it as a way to expand and deepen their practices and networks.