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Last updated on Jul 16, 2020

Fine Arts: Photography, BFA

studio lighting


Frame Your Artistic Worldview

In our Photography Program, you’ll discover inspiration all around you, whether you’re capturing the small, human details of everyday life or exploring larger, abstract ideas about culture and identity. As you map this creative territory, you’ll also be developing your technical digital and analog skills. You will make images that have a real impact on your personal and professional communities.

Learn Photography from Real-World Visionaries

Envision a New York Times photo editor critiquing your digital images. Or a world-renowned photographer from The Smithsonian leading your large-format workshop. With personal instruction from Photography faculty members like these, you’ll hone your photographic perspective as you perfect your vision. And with the latest high-end digital cameras, a traditional black-and-white darkroom, and a full range of current equipment for experimental printing processes, you’ll practice making art that matters every day.

Develop Your Career as a Photographer

Acclaimed visiting artists, including photographers in the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and other art institutions the world over, will inspire you and help you network. You'll have access to the college's esteemed Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program. And with ongoing internship opportunities at Bay Area photography studios, art galleries, and magazines, you’ll carve your niche within the photography community -- and start down the path to a fulfilling lifelong career.