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Last updated on Jun 28, 2021

Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studios (UDIST)

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Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studio (UDIST) courses offer opportunities for undergraduate students and instructors to generate interdisciplinary theories, practices, and works within a studio-based format.

This required part of the undergraduate curriculum is designed to support the strategic goals and values of the college, including cultivating diversity, engaging within the community, fostering excellence, and working toward sustainability.

Interdisciplinary studios cross disciplines in technique, approach, and content; ideally, they also allow for collaborative learning opportunities. Ultimately, the courses offer opportunities for students from different majors to approach a theme from within the bounds of their own medium.

These required studio courses allow students to work in an interdisciplinary manner with peers from other programs while at the point in their education where they have developed media and disciplinary expertise in their respective majors.

In recent years artists, architects, designers, writers and scientists have taught UDIST courses.

Approximately 10-11 such courses are offered each semester across both campuses (San Francisco and Oakland).


For Students

Fall 2021 UDIST Courses

Students: to browse UDIST courses in Workday, open Find CCA Course Sections report and either search "UDIST" or select the subject "Upper Level Interdisciplinary Studio" in the left column.

Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Advising

Faculty and Staff

Dominick Tracy, Associate Provost, Educational Effectiveness (Acting Dean & Chair)
Michael Nakada, Program Manager, Academic Affairs (Program Manager)