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Badge-based Training for Busy Chimeras

Last updated on Dec 22, 2021

Our academic coaching team is logging in from all over the globe, making and learning around the clock--and helping other CCA students do so too! How do we keep our expertise up-to-date and awesome?


Through our LRC Coach Training site in Moodle, you can learn at your own pace through a combination of live and recorded workshops and webinars and asynchronous activities that help you extend, integrate, and demonstrate what you know.

Everyone learns differently, so the modules are designed to give you multiple ways to connect and communicate your learning. We also incorporate a variety of learning technologies so you can diversify your technical skills along the way.

Modules cover topics ranging from mentoring and tutoring principles to oral and written communication strategies, educational technologies, and campus-wide resources and referrals. Successfully completing each module earns a micro-credential that qualifies you for advanced opportunities, such as co-facilitating workshops and taking on leadership roles through Learning Resources, as well as an original digital badge created by a CCA artist. Tangible badges of popular designs will be available after we return to physical campus together!

The badge program supplements the real-time gatherings and mentoring pairs that are the heart of our peer educator training program.

Want to learn more about micro-credentialing? Check out the resources in the sidebar.

Want to chat or collaborate on a micro-credentialing project? Contact LRC Director Brooke Hessler at LRC@CCA.EDU.

Original artwork by LRC Coach Baylee Betts, Animation '21