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LRC Coach Training Program

Last updated on Sep 07, 2021

Learning Resource Center (LRC) coaches are lifelong learners. We love learning new things, new perspectives, new tutoring techniques, and new ways to enrich, diversify, or challenge what we already thought we knew :)

Our training program for new and continuing coaches consists of the following components. All training is compensated.

All-Team Orientation and Check-In

A half-day gathering with hands-on, concurrent workshops on a range of topics (team-building, onboarding, tutoring practices, and arts-integrated learning experiences) at the beginning of the Fall semester, and 1-hour check-ins at key points of the academic year (usually prior to mid-terms, finals, and at the beginning of the Spring term and Summer terms). In Fall 2021, to keep everyone safe, we are once again shifting our orientation and check-in sessions to a Zoom/hybrid format.

Mentor-based Training for New Coaches

Each new coach is paired with a faculty coach or senior coach for approximately 6 weeks of personalized mentoring and dialogue regarding their ongoing experiences as an academic writer, learner, and peer educator. These sessions are supplemented by a weekly written reflective practice based on research-based approaches to becoming a Critically Reflective Practitioner.

Ongoing Workshops and Webinars

Throughout the Fall and Spring, coaches suggest, participate in, and also co-facilitate workshops and webinars relevant to their diverse roles as mentors, tutors, and co-learners. Coaches also participate in training offered by other CCA programs, such as Human Resources, Career Development, and Counseling Services. A few recent CCA-based workshop topics: Zoom-based Tutoring in Real Life, Cover Letter Tools and Techniques, Responding to Writers as a Reader, Boundaries and Wellness (with Counseling Staff). In Fall 2021, LRC coaches will also have the opportunity to attend or co-present at the virtual conference of the Online Writing Center Association.

Gamified Learning in Moodle: Earn and Collect Badges

We have expanded our LRC Coach Training site in Moodle to offer a growing collection of modules that invite coaches to build upon, synthesize, and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. Most modules complement and reinforce learning done through live participation in orientations, mentoring, workshops, and webinars. Each module earns a micro-credential along with a collectable digital badge designed by CCA artists. A few badge examples: Reflective Practitioner, Career Orienteer, Goal-Setter, Zoom Mage, Mentor (shown above).

Original artwork by LRC Coach Baylee Betts, Animation '21