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Furniture Studio: Machine Room

Full complement of machinery for milling and shaping solid wood.

Last updated on Apr 16, 2024

Summer 2024: NO ACCESS

*Sunday, May 5th 2024, will be the last day to work or store items in any of our existing fabrication studios, or return items to the Tool Center. We will reopen in the Fall at our new location in Double Ground*

Spring 2024 Hours:
8am-10pm Monday-Thursday
8am-7pm Friday
12pm-8pm Saturday and Sunday

* Not available for general use when classes are in session. Please note scheduled class times on the calendar below.

2nd Floor
Main Building

Students may access the Furniture Studio if enrolled in the Furniture Program or currently taking a Furniture class.

For graduate students or upper-division project access, please contact the studio manager. This access will granted depending on studio capacity. We cannot provide new student access after week ten of the semester.

Due to academic program needs and the large volume of students that this space supports, CCA Shops are not available to alumni at this time.

Covid Informational Links:

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Brian Harte

Furniture Studio Manager

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Ivan Berejkoff

Studio Operations Manager - Fabrication

About the Furniture Studio: Machine Room

The Furniture Studio’s Machine Room houses a full complement of wood working machinery for milling and shaping solid hardwoods.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Wood