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Sculpture: Woodworking Shop

Everything needed to create fine craft or sculpture with wood.

Open during normal studio shops hours:

8am - 10pm Monday-Thursday
8am - 4pm Friday
Noon-6pm Saturday and Sunday

The Sculpture workshop facilities are open only at times when faculty members, staff personnel, or student monitors are present. Hours vary from semester to semester.

Current lab hours are posted outside the respective shop areas.

Shaklee Building
Oakland Campus

All welcome with completion of required studio orientation by studio manager.

About the Sculpture: Woodworking Shop

The light-filled woodworking shop features a complete set of traditional carving, hand, and power tools as well as all of the basic woodworking equipment -- including a top-of-the-line SawStop table saw, panel saw, band saws, drill press, sanders, miter saw, router, planer, and jointer.

A dust collection unit exists in the wood shop; all students are provided with eye and ear protection as well as dust masks. A limited number of consumables such as craft paper, glue and sandpaper are provided to students free of charge, and materials such as lumber and plywood can be purchased right down the road.

Storage for materials and works in progress is available.

Specializing in These Materials

  • Wood

Tools and Equipment


Various events in our shops such as orientations, holidays, and demonstrations will be posted in this calendar.