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Graphic Design

Graphic designers create some of the most exciting images in the world today, from packaging to branding to websites.


In this studio, you express concepts graphically, create visual metaphors, and learn the fundamentals of type design, integrating text with images while emphasizing both creativity and craft. You will learn the importance of planning, problem solving, communication and critical thinking as well as exploring the history and culture of Graphic Design.

You are encouraged to integrate photography, drawing, and various experimental processes into their projects. You experiment with type and create graphic elements using their hands, the Xerox machine, and computer applications.


You learn the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign), the software used by today's professional graphic designers, dividing their time between the design studio and the computer lab. Students will learn how graphic design can be employed as a tool for communication and empowerment, bringing new voices and perspectives into the public domain.

The class includes engaging lectures, video presentations, group critiques, and a field trip to San Francisco.

By successfully completing this course, students will demonstrate the following competencies:
• Basic knowledge of the history of Graphic Design
• Understanding of the steps of the Design Process
• Management of Design Components: imagery, composition, color and typography
• Basic digital skills: vector graphics, scanning, photo manipulations and typesetting
• Skill in critical analysis and verbal presentation

Graphic Design is an all-day studio.

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