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Last updated on Apr 10, 2023

Semester Accommodations

illustration depicting person in a wheelchair with feedback icon

Please fill out this form each semester you would like to Opt-In to your accommodations.

  • Fill this form out after you have finished your intake appointment; will have sent you approved accommodations.
  • You must fill this form out to receive your accommodations each semester.
  • You can input each course's information in this form; if you would like, our office will send your accommodation letter to your instructors.


Semester Accommodations Opt-In/Opt-Out Form

Housing & Meal Plan Accommodations


Please fill this form out to request any form of Housing Accommodation.


Housing & Meal Plan Accommodations Request Form

Alternative Format Requests

illustration depicting speech to text

This form is used to request alternative formats for your textbooks. This is available to students who have been approved for this accommodation.


Alternative Format Request Form (only for eligible students)

Other Forms

illustration depicting person filling out forms

Other Support Services

The following free services are available to all current students regardless of their disability status: