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Counseling Services

CCA Counseling Services is committed to the personal development and professional advancement of students engaged in an arts-based educational environment fostering creativity, curiosity, and diversity. Counseling Services encourages student success and well-being by providing a broad spectrum of mental health services, including individual therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, referrals, workshops on mental health topics, and outreach.


*For questions about our services and our clinicians:

CCA Counseling Main Confidential Voicemail 510.594.3670. Call this number if:

  • You have questions about our services or our team.
  • You want to request a consultation with counseling staff.
  • You want to be added to the waitlist for services.
  • You need a referral for psychological or psychiatric support outside of CCA.

(Please note that this confidential voicemail is for non-urgent issues and is monitored ongoing M-F by Counseling Staff. If you leave a message, you will receive a return call within 24-48 hours during the weekday)

*For general questions about counseling services during weekday business hours:

Administrative Specialist Persephone Hamilton 415.703.9570. Call this number if:

  • You need information about where counseling services is located or how to access the offices if you have an appointment.
  • To inquire about when/where your appointment is.
  • To schedule a One Time Urgent (OTU) Appointment.

*For Urgent Immediate Assistance:

CCA mental health crisis hotline: 510.594.5099.


Currently, CCA Counseling offers services in a hybrid format; both in-person and online (tele-mental-health). For more detailed information about current services and policies visit our Counseling Appointments page below