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MFA Comics information (F-1 students only)

Last updated on Feb 22, 2023

Special Information for MFA in Comics Students

The MFA in Comics program offers two models, one that has a full-time residency structure (72 unit program) and one that is low-residency (60 unit program).

Option 1: Full residency model:

Students enrolled in the 72 unit model will be considered full-time each summer with registration of 12 units. Student will continue in the program as full time students registering for a minimum of 9 units each fall and spring semester. Full time enrollment in fall and spring allows students includes the following benefits: ability to remain in the United States while maintaining valid F-1 nonimmigrant status, and enrollment in the CCA student medical insurance plan.

Students in the full residency model will be required to submit only one I-20 request form for the full program length.

Option 2: Low residency model:

Students enrolled in the 60 unit model will obtain an F-1 visa to participate in the summer intensive sessions only. Students in the low residency option will only be enrolled part-time each fall and spring semester, and cannot stay in the US in valid F-1 status between summer sessions.

Because students in the MFA in Comics program are only required to be in the U.S. for one-month sessions and each session is one year apart, students will be required to submit new financial documentation, and receive a new I-20 in order to attend the summer intensive session on campus at CCA. The financial documentation you submit with this form will be used to issue an I-20 for the summer intensive session only. You will need to apply for a new I-20 for future summer intensive sessions.

Questions about maintaining F-1 status as a MFA Comics student? Email us at

Submit your I-20 request in Workday

Visit our I-20 page here for instructions on how to submit your I-20 request to CCA. Remember to use the I-20 Request form specifically for MFA Comics. Download the form from the right hand side of this page.


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