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CCA Work Behaviors / Core Competencies

Last updated on Jul 27, 2023

Achieving Results

  • Fosters excellence by maintaining high standards for work tasks and projects.
  • Prioritizes workload; understands long-term course of action and focuses on/adjusts daily activities accordingly.
  • Makes difficult, timely decisions; understands trade-offs and consequences of action; acts promptly, demonstrating an eagerness to meet timelines and commitments.
  • Uses resources efficiently and effectively; values sustainability.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and works within the framework of CCA’s business practices.

Equitable and Inclusive Practices

  • Continuously gain knowledge, understanding, awareness of cultural and intercultural diversity, social equity, power and privilege.
  • Develop skills, abilities, and attitudes to foster a supportive environment for all.
  • Articulate and execute or support continuous improvement in programs, operations, and curriculum through the strategic use of culturally responsive data.
  • Advance racial and social equity by actively working toward mitigating structural inequities in CCA policies, procedures, and processes.

Service Focus

  • Maintains mutually beneficial long-term internal and external customer (e.g., students, donors, administrators, parents, etc.) relationships.
  • Delivers what was promised when it was promised.
  • Prioritizes activities to produce maximum value for customers and CCA.
  • Appreciates the importance of quality and integrity as assets and core values at CCA.

Innovation and Driving Change

  • Champions new initiatives and challenges the status quo when appropriate.
  • Builds buy-in to change by preparing and involving those impacted.
  • Demonstrates and nurtures creativity and intelligent risk taking, leads by example.

Communication and Teamwork

  • Effectively interacts with others in achieving CCA’s objectives; establishes and maintains cooperative and productive working relationships.
  • Practices constructive give-and-take and identifies options and solutions; seeks information frequently and shares information clearly.
  • Listens to the input of others respectfully and effectively offers and/or willingly receives constructive feedback.
  • Values diversity of opinions and work styles.

Job Knowledge and Expertise

  • Proficient in technical and/or business skills required for successful job performance.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of what needs to be accomplished within area of responsibility.
  • Understands how work impacts CCA, its employees and customers.
  • Actively seeks new skills to broaden knowledge base.

People Management (Manager Use Only)

  • Actively promotes CCA’s mission, vision and values by walking the talk, showing compassion for staff, and treating others with respect and dignity.
  • Motivates and inspires employees; expresses appreciation for their staff’s efforts.
  • Communicates expectations to employees and holds employees accountable for their performance; provides regular and constructive feedback.
  • Provides professional development opportunities to employees to the extent they are available.