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Last updated on Jul 14, 2023

The Annual Performance Review: A Management Tool

The annual performance review is a time for you to get together with your manager to discuss your performance during the July 1 – June 30 fiscal year, and align on goals and expectations for the upcoming year. Ultimately, the intent is to ensure employees receive feedback and information to help maximize their job performance and support career aspirations.

Staff performance is based on both what we accomplish and the manner in which we work. This is why both work accomplishments and areas of strength are considered in the review process, as well as identifying key areas for growth and development. Although annual reviews are a formal process, they are an example and accumulation of the informal conversations that should be occurring on a regular basis.

To learn more about the performance evaluation form for this year, and how to set clear goals for the next performance year, please view the Performance Evaluation Webinars found here.

Performance Evaluation Process in Workday and Timeline

To help you complete your review on time, feel free to use the timeline below that outlines the performance review tasks and when you should complete them. Hopefully, this will help you stay on track!

Please see the schedule below and reference the Annual Performance Evaluation Process Flowchart.




1 - 3

July 10 - July 28

  • HR launches the performance review process. This results in the Self Evaluation task showing up in your Workday inbox. Managers submit feedback requests.

4 - 6

July 31 - August 18

  • Peers complete feedback requests.

7 - 11

August 21 - September 22

  • Managers complete their reviews adding their input to your evaluation and incorporating feedback collected from members of the CCA community. Your evaluation then routes to your department's leadership and Human Resources for review and approval.

Weeks 12 - 15

September 25- October 20

  • Your manager will schedule time with you for a discussion, after which you will have the opportunity to review and sign off on the finalized evaluation.

Completing the Employee Self-Evaluation

Before Starting Your Evaluation...

  • Get a copy of your job description. Your performance evaluation will be based on the job duties listed there, so work with your manager to ensure it’s updated.
  • Review your past performance evaluation, if you have one. Be sure to look at your past goals.
  • Think about how you've developed your CCA Work Behaviors / Core Competencies.
  • Think about areas of professional growth and goals that you would like to pursue.
  • Think about areas where your manager could support you.
  • Think about who could be a source of feedback for your evaluation and share with your manager.

Overview: Self-Evaluation Form

The below image provides an overview of the self-evaluation review form. Each section is described in more detail in the Self-Evaluation Guide for Performance Reviews.

This year, the only rating provided will be the Overall Performance Rating, which will reflect your overall performance for the past year. You and your manager will select from two options: Overall Performance is On Track or Overall Performance Needs Improvement.

The Goals section is another key section in the review form and encourages you to add goals for the upcoming year (please see the goal setting guide for assistance). If you created goals last year, you should reference your goals from the last evaluation cycle in the Work Accomplishments/Areas of Strength section of the review form.

Overview of the performance evaluations process highlighting Work Results, Work Behaviors, and Goals as integral steps in the process