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Construction Notice Feb. 18, 2019: 188 Hooper

Posted February 18, 2019, 8:36 AM

Construction on and around the Hooper housing project has been going well! We’ve successfully rerouted power from overhead to underground and the bulk of the related streetscape work is done. Please continue to be aware of your surroundings, read all posted signage, and/or follow directions from construction personnel, but in general the San Francisco campus should see less construction-related disturbances until March. Come March, we start pouring concrete—and that means multiple concrete trucks will be lined up around the site waiting to deliver their load.

Please read below for an updated construction notice that contains further details on what the construction is for, what to expect, and who to contact in case you have questions.

WHAT TO EXPECT: While the bulk of the work is done, minor streetscape improvements will continue to take place in segments over the next 2-4 weeks in order to minimize impact on traffic and pedestrian flow. Individuals working in 184 Hooper Street (GC 1)—which houses the MFA Design Studios, Grad offices, and GC classrooms—the Nave (along the Hooper Street side), and 80 Carolina can expect some noise during this time.

All community members on the San Francisco campus can expect workers on site; changes to parking, sidewalks, and crosswalks; and street closures. Please read all posted signage and/or follow directions from construction personnel.


(all dates and times are subject to change):

January 2019: started construction of the new student housing facility; street parking highlighted in red on the map below will no longer be available until the project is complete in 2020, while street parking in yellow will have varying degrees of availability over the next 6-8 weeks while streetscape work is ongoing

Into late February: continuation of streetscape work on and around the project that will impact parking availability and pedestrian paths in the area; please be aware of your surroundings, read all posted signage, and/or follow directions from construction personnel

Into mid March: continuation of pile installation; piles will be drilled vs. hammered (known as auger cast piles or "DDP"), so we do not anticipate the pile installation will be any louder than current work on the site

Mid March: start pouring concrete for the building’s foundation and installing all underground plumbing, mechanical, etc. systems; expect multiple concrete trucks lined up around/driving in and out of the site for the next two months

August 2020: target date for student move-in to new student housing facility


Regular updates will be sent out via email, posted on the CCA new campus portal, and posted on-site.

Please send any questions regarding construction to facilities at

Please send any questions regarding campus unification to

Parking around campus: Yellow areas are temporary parking closures over the next 6-8 weeks, red areas are permanent parking closures (until the project is complete in 2020)