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Deborah Valoma (Professor and Chair, Textiles), Co-Chair of OCLC

Annemarie Haar (AVP, Libraries and Creative Instructional Technologies), Co-Chair of OCLC

Lisa Jonas (Director, Alumni Engagement), Co-Chair of OCLC

Curtis Arima (Co-Chair, Jewelry/Metal Arts)

Julie Caffey (Director, Fine Arts)

Susanne Cockrell (Associate Professor, Community Arts)

Helen Frierson (former Executive Assistant to the President & Secretary to the Board of Trustees)

Janeece Hayes (Associate Director of Residential Life & Student Life)

Chris Johnson (Chair, Photography)

Kari Marboe (Faculty, Ceramics)

Annie Morhauser (Trustee, Alum)

Sean Nash (Assistant Professor, Diversity Studies)

David Owens-Hill (Director, Communications)

Photo credit: Riding Club, 1933