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Unification 2024: Running updates

Posted April 2, 2024, 9:01 AM

Updated June 10, 2024, 2:53 PM

Updates from the field:

As we move into the summer of 2024 and prepare for the fall, updates on unification will be fast and frequent. Watch this space for quick updates about progress on our move into Double Ground and to celebrate the hard work of the many talented and dedicated staff and faculty who have made this all possible.

June 10, 2024: The first week of June has been focused on moving our largest equipment (CNC machine, Bridgeport mill, bandsaws, jointer, planar, etc.) that couldn’t fit in the elevator. The Nave hasn’t been this full of equipment since its Greyhound maintenance facility days! This equipment was removed out of the window of S1 (former Digital Craft Lab), lowered down to the street and staged in the Nave. Some of this equipment, such as the CNC machine, will be replaced by new purchases and will be for sale during our auction in July, while some of the equipment is waiting to be moved into Double Ground.

May 31, 2024: May has been a flurry of productive activity! In the two weeks after classes, Studio Ops teams packed textiles, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry/metal arts, furniture machine & bench rooms, metal shop, CNC, RPS, model shop, tool center, and digital craft lab. MFA Design continues to pack for their move into Main Building in mid-June. The second half of May has been devoted to moving larger equipment into Double Ground and staging the rest in the Nave. Wattis staff have been hard at work packing their space with the move out of 350 & 360 Kansas being completed this week. Equipment and furniture that is no longer useful for the college is being gathered for the auction, which will take place in July. We’ll share a link to the auction site once it’s live.

Please remember that the Nave and all adjoining spaces are closed through the summer.

April 15, 2024: New CNC machine arrived and has been staged in our future Digital Prototyping Lab! A core curricular equipment for architecture and design courses, the new unit will have double the carving height of our current machine that has been serving us since 2008, has an enclosed housing that travels with the tool-path for better safety and dust mitigation, and a vacuum assisted workholding system that contributes to a more streamlined workflow common in manufacturing facilities, while also aiding in material conservation. This new machine will improve students’ project outcomes and learning experience - furniture students can create drawer and cart parts for their Production Furniture course, architecture students can create topographical model layouts, fine arts students can create large segmented sculptural pieces for exhibiting in the Nave. While the machine is primarily utilized by the industrial & furniture design programs, as well the architecture department and fine arts, this tool is available to any student versed in its operation for creating a great variety of works.

February 16, 2024: Twelve-foot KUKA robot becomes first piece of equipment installed in soon-to-be relocated Digital Craft Lab ( The industrial sized machine was generously donated by Kreysler & Associates—one of the foremost firms in material technology—to support future generations of CCA students and faculty as they explore new methods of designing and building human, and even non-human, environments. For architects and designers at CCA, this large KUKA robot opens up a whole new range of possibilities to explore and experiment with new digital fabrication methods and material applications, including 3D printing with both traditional and non-traditional materials.

Summer & Fall 2024 Timeline

The campus will be a flurry of packing and moving activity as we move into our new building, Double Ground this summer. For this reason, the following campus areas will be closed to all:

  • Closed May 14 - Aug 16: Main Building Nave and adjoining spaces
  • Closed from May 15 - June 16: Main Building 2nd floor

Other Important Closure & Opening Dates

  • May 4 - August 27: Rayko Studio closed for general access use, open for scheduled courses only.
  • May 5: Last day of classes, last day to return tools and access shops
    • Toolkits will be available for EOY Show installs, coordinated by Christie McGee
  • May 6 - January 2025: CLOSURE: Main Bldg 2nd floor east of S17 /S18 studios (current fabrication shops) including bathrooms.
  • May 14 - August 16: CLOSURE: Nave Studios & adjoining spaces.
  • May 15 - June 16: CLOSURE: Main Bldg 2nd floor.
  • June 17: OPENING: Main Bldg 2nd floor:
    • LRC open to all community members
    • DFAS, Flat Lab, Lab 240, S Studios, 210, 220, 230 open to registered students & teaching faculty
  • August 12: CLOSURE: Hybrid Lab.
  • Open all summer, to all community members: Library, East/West classrooms, Media Center

Explore space closures, academic calendar dates and re-opening dates in the calendar link below

Double Ground Web Cam

Watch the action on the Double Ground work site as we move through site prep an onward into construction. This is a live public feed. Feel free to share!!

Photos, Plans & Presentations

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