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MARCH-6090: M'Arch Thesis

Course Description

CCA Architecture Masters students are required to independently develop a well-defined architectural interest in their final year of study. This is an opportunity to speculate on the discipline: to challenge and redefine architectural knowledge in the context of a specific problem. In the Thesis Studio students develop the research topic initiated in Fall into a robust design proposition.

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Academic Level:


Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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Spring 2023

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6090-3: PLACEHOLDER: M'Arch Thesis Studio
  • Mon/Thu 12:00-06:00PM

Spring 2022

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6090-1: Thesis Studio
Neal Schwartz, Thom Faulders
  • Mon/Thu 12:00-06:00PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 210

Spring 2021

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6090-3: M'Arch Thesis
Nataly Gattegno
  • Mon/Thu 12:00-02:55PM
MARCH-6090-4: M'Arch Thesis
Neal Schwartz
  • Mon/Thu 12:00-02:55PM
MARCH-6090-5: M'Arch Thesis
Thom Faulders
  • Mon/Thu 12:00-02:55PM

Spring 2020

Section Name Meeting Info
MARCH-6090-4: Thesis Studio
Nataly Gattegno, Christopher Falliers
  • Mon/Thu 12:30-06:30PM, San Francisco - Main Building - 210