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DIVST-3000-16: CONJURE! African Sacred Art

Spring 2021

Subject: Diversity Studies - Studio
Type: Studio
Delivery Mode: Online
Level: Undergraduate

Course Dates: January 25, 2021 — May 09, 2021
Meetings: Tue 10:00-11:55AM, Online - HS-5
Instructor: Shylah Hamilton

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 13/16 Closed


Diversity Studies Studios introduce students to the interrelations between race/ethnicity, art making and design practices. These courses complement the Diversity Studies Seminars with their hands-on approach in which themes of ethnic identity are incorporated into studio and community practices.Sacred art practices can serve as a bridge between the worlds. Dances can embody spirit energies. Visual arts can invite spirit into the physical realm. Ritual can bring the spirit into an object and provide protection. Lectures, readings, film, artist works and community engagement introduce students to the philosophies and aesthetics of the sacred art practices in the African Diaspora. We journey together between worlds, to understand aesthetics amongst African-descended peoples for their cultural, narrative, spiritual and historical multiplicities. We will meet regularly with Artists/Healers from an Ile (Yoruba) and explore how respectful participation in ritual work can be used safely and effectively to deepen our own studio practices. Students will develop and implement three interdisciplinary projects, the final is collaborative. To avoid engaging in cultural appropriation, I ask that you identify your strongest ethnic lineage as an entry point to all creative actions. All majors are welcome.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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