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New Look 2022

Last updated on Jul 25, 2022

Calling all students to participate in New Look 2022, an inclusive exhibition celebrating creative contributions by all CCA students, new and returning, undergraduate and graduate. As the first exhibition on our unified campus, New Look 2022 serves as an opportunity for students to introduce themselves and their work to the CCA community at large.

All reasonably sized contributions are welcome, it does not need to be completed work. You are invited to submit one artwork, piece of writing, artifact, or reproduction that represents your work as a creative person. Your submission does not need to be related to your main field of study. Examples include but are not limited to: a photograph, drawing or painting, a sculpture, a page from your portfolio, a work in progress, a sketch, a model, a printed reproduction of your work, a written text, a video or animation, and more.

Bring what you can! This is our first exhibition of the year, and is designed to encourage conversation. We want to make it possible for everyone to participate!

How to Participate:

  1. Sign up to participate
    We are asking you to fill this form out ahead of time but if unable, you will have an opportunity to fill it out when you drop off your work on August 29th or 30th.
  2. Bring your work to the Nave. Dropoff times are Monday, August 29th from 12—5pm or Tuesday, August 30th from 10am—12pm. Works must be delivered by noon on August 30th to be included. Pickup is on Friday, September 2nd from 3—6pm during Chimerapalooza.
  3. Come celebrate! The exhibition will be on view from August 30—September 2, with a celebratory welcome reception on Tuesday, August 30th from 4—6pm.

You can email with any questions.