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Building Emergency Response Teams (BERTs)

Last updated on Sep 24, 2018

BERT was developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Facilitating safe evacuations of campus buildings
  • Coordinating safe relocation of occupants to Assembly Areas
  • Accounting for evacuees and/or displaced inhabitants
  • Assist with “Shelter in Place” or “Lockdown” scenarios
  • Supporting CCA responders: Public Safety, Facilities, Operations

Liaising CCA responders and Government first responders during emergency operations

BERT Roles and Responsibilities:

Floor Sweeper: Lime Green Vest

  • Sweeps respective work area and notifies employees of emergency response
  • Contacts Building Coordinator and provides initial evacuation status
  • Begins Roll Call at Assembly Area

Building Coordinator: Orange Vest

  • Exits building to Coordination Location (usually the main entrance)
  • Awaits for Floor Sweepers initial status and begins the Check In report
  • Moves to Assembly Area when all Floor Sweepers have checked in

Emergency Manager: Red Vest

  • Campus specific:
  • Goes to Assembly Area (2 per campus)
  • Awaits for Building Coordinator provide evacuation status for respective buildings
  • Provides evacuation status to AVP of Operations/Director of Public Safety