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Types of Emergency Responses

Last updated on Jan 21, 2022

Shelter in Place

A protective measure to protect occupants from external hazards. The intent is to minimize injury and provide time to coordinate a safe evacuation.

  • Stay indoors.
  • Close windows, doors, ventilation (if accessible).
  • Remain calm, await instructions (lock down or evacuation order).

Lock Down

Similar to Shelter in Place:

  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Fortify and/or barricade glass doors & windows.
  • Hide from plain sight behind large items (if possible).
  • Turn off lighting, electronics, silence cell phones and other sources of noise.
  • Remain calm and quiet.
  • Call 911 from a landline (leave line open).


In the event of an emergency/natural disaster, CCA has a two-level evacuation system

Building(s) Evacuation: Level 1

  • Consists of a limited evacuation for specific building or group of buildings.
  • Direct evacuees to the Coordination Location (usually main entrance of building).
  • Move evacuees to respective Assembly Area.
  • Once at the assembly area, begin roll call and await further instructions.
  • The order to evacuate (if not activated by alarm) can be given by any BERT member.

Total Campus Evacuation/Closure: Level 2

  • Consists of a total campus evacuation and/or closure.
  • Occurs when multiple buildings have been affected by the emergency/disaster.
  • Will involve safely and strategically evacuating the entire campus.
  • Evacuation/closure is authorized by the College President or a designee.