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Injury, Accident, & Illness Protocol

Last updated on Dec 14, 2023

Injury Protocol:

Responding to an Injury:

Serious/Life Threatening Injury (e.g. severe bleeding, unconscious, not breathing)

  • CALL 911 immediately!
  • After EMS is en route, notify Public Safety at 415.726.2061 (patrol phone) 415.703.9512 (Main Desk).

Non-Life Threatening/Urgent Care (e.g. stitches are needed/care beyond basic first aid needed)

  • Call Public Safety at 415.726.2061 (patrol phone) 415.703.9512 (Main Desk)
  • Public Safety will issue round trip taxi vouchers or summon a Lyft Ride to a hospital/ medical provider, if needed.

Non-Life Threatening (e.g. basic first aid is needed/desired; transportation to Urgent Care is not requested/required)

  • Call Public Safety at 415.726.2061 (patrol phone) 415.703.9512 (Main Desk)
  • Individuals on scene to provide basic first aid
  • Public Safety can also provide first aid, if needed

Next Step for All Injuries:

  • Public Safety must be summoned to all injuries! Call 415.703.9512. Upon arrival, Public Safety will:
  • Assess and support the situation and injured individual
  • Examine and photograph the injury site
  • Photograph the injury
  • Complete an incident report and route the report to the appropriate department:
      • Students: CCA Cares form is routed to Student Affairs
      • Faculty, staff, or workstudy student: a copy of the report is routed to Human Resources
  • Injured individual will be asked to complete an Injury Accident Report, when appropriate, and submit to Human Resources
  • All work-related injuries or illness must be reported to Human Resources at or (415) 703-9550 option #3, and may be covered by Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation insurance provides coverage for medical, surgical, and hospital services necessary for treatment of staff members who suffer work-related injuries or disabilities. CCA provides medical treatment for work-related injuries through a medical provider network. HR or Public Safety can provide information on approved medical facilities.