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AICAD exchange

AICAD Exchange Program

Last updated on Oct 30, 2023

The AICAD Exchange Program will be on pause for the Spring 2024 semester. The program will not be accepting applications until further notice.

AICAD – the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design – is a non-profit consortium of 31 leading art schools in the US and Canada. It was founded in 1991 by a group of 25 presidents who felt a need for the similarly structured art schools to come together so as to mutually develop their schools and programs. Our mission is to help strengthen the member colleges individually and collectively, and to inform the public about these colleges and the value of studying art and design.

This program provides an opportunity for students from AICAD schools in the United States and Canada to study for one semester at another AICAD school. It offers the experience and benefit of studying short-term at a different AICAD school and living in a different geographic area. The intent of the AICAD Exchange is to provide students the opportunity to spend a single semester off campus, after which they return to their home institution.

For more information, please email the Student Records Office at

AICAD Member Schools

To find the list of participating schools, students may refer to the About page on the AICAD website.


The AICAD Exchange is open to Undergraduate full‑time students who are in good standing and who otherwise meet eligibility requirements of their specific program. Students choose which school they wish to attend in the AICAD Exchange. However, the Host School retains sole discretion to accept or decline an application or selection of courses.

CCA students who wish to participate in the program must meeting the following requirements:

  • Completion of at least two semesters at CCA immediately prior to the exchange semester
  • Upper division standing (between 50-60 units completed)
  • Good academic standing or at minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Good financial standing at CCA
  • Enrollment at CCA full-time (12 units minimum) during the AICAD Exchange semester

Application Procedure for CCA Students

Prior to submitting the application through the AICAD Exchange site, students will need to have the AICAD Exchange Approval form completed. Forms can be emailed to to obtain the AICAD Exchange Coordinator's approval and signature.

SRO AICAD Exchange Approval Form

The AICAD Exchange student is solely responsible for the timely submission of the application materials to the AICAD Exchange SlideRoom site

This includes:

  • The completed Application Form
  • The Home School Approval Letter (provided by the Student Records Office)
  • Proposed program of study
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Official transcripts of all college‑level work completed at the Home School to date (available from the Student Records Office)
  • 6 to 10 examples of artwork, including work in the proposed area of study, submitted with name of student, title of the work, medium, and dimensions

    The AICAD Exchange Program will be on pause for the Spring 2024 semester. The program will not be accepting applications until further notice.

International Students Accepted for AICAD Exchange at CCA

Students who have been accepted at CCA for AICAD Exchange who are not U.S. Citizens or U.S. permanent residents must contact the International Student Services (ISS) office to obtain a J-1 exchange visitor visa. For general questions, please email

Responsibilities of Students in the AICAD Exchange Program

Students are responsible for:

  • Completing the application process in a timely manner so as to meet deadlines.
  • Obtaining all required signatures and approvals at their Home School.
  • Registering at their Home School as required for the Exchange semester.
  • Making their own housing arrangements for the Exchange semester.
  • Being aware of all fees and other requirements at the Host School, including insurance.

Responsibilities of CCA (Home School) and the Host School

AICAD Exchange Coordinators at CCA are responsible for:

  • Providing students with AICAD Exchange Program information.
  • Verifying the eligibility of students from their school applying to the AICAD Exchange Program.
  • Providing verification that all financial obligations are met for the Exchange semester.
  • Providing verification of student medical insurance if obtained through the Home School.

AICAD Exchange Coordinators at the Host Schools are responsible for:

  • Informing the applicant and Home School Coordinator of the decision on the application.
  • Informing accepted students of registration dates and related fees.
  • Informing accepted students of any other special AICAD Exchange requirements.
  • Sending completed student transcripts to the student's Home School as soon as possible.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is payable to the student's Home School. The Host School agrees not to charge the student tuition. The student will receive the regular financial aid award, if any, to which they are entitled.

CCA Students:
If a confirmation of your tuition payment for the exchange semester is required from your Host School, please reach out to the Student Accounts Office at Laboratory fees, student service fees and other fees may be charged to the student by the Host School. These are billed by and payable directly to the Host School, and must be paid before registration. These fees vary by institution and program, so students should contact the Exchange Coordinator of the Host School to determine which fees will be required at registration.

Exchange Students:
If you are approved to attend CCA, we will be notified by your Home School once your tuition has been paid. A tuition waiver will be placed on your account prior to registration. For additional fees, payments can be made by contacting the Student Accounts Office by contacting or 415-551-9389.


Grades received from the Host School during Exchange study will become a part of the student's official record at their Home School, in accordance with the Home School's policies for such study. Host Schools should not count Exchange students in their registration statistics. While at the Host School, the student will be governed by the academic regulations of the Host School and will not be eligible for student aid or employment from the Host School. The Host School is responsible for notifying the Home School of any deficiencies during the semester.


The academic record from the Host School during exchange study will be transferred to the student's CCA record. Students should request an official transcript from the Host School prior to leaving the campus. Electronic official transcripts sent directly from the Host School or mailed to the following address:

Student Records Office
California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco CA 94107-2247

Health Insurance

Nearly every AICAD college requires students to obtain or furnish proof of medical insurance. Check with your Host School to determine its policies. If you have no insurance you will most likely be expected to purchase it from the Host School. If you have insurance, be sure to obtain proof of insurance from your Home School before you depart.

CCA Students:
Please contact the Host Exchange Coordinator for further information on their health insurance policies.

Exchange Students:
Students enrolled full-time are responsible for paying for CCA's Health Insurance. Students can submit an online insurance waiver if they have their own insurance.

You will be asked to submit the following information if you wish to waive:

  • Insurance carrier name
  • Medical ID number
  • Student first name, last name and date of birth

The system will then check if your insurance is active against a national medical clearinghouse. If your insurance is found to be active (and if it meets the criteria listed below), your waiver will be accepted.

You will receive confirmation of your approval or denial upon completion in your email inbox. Please keep a copy of that email confirmation for your records.

For domestic students: if your insurance plan is not on the waiver list, then you are not eligible to waive the CCA health insurance plan.

For international students: if your insurance plan is not on the waiver list, then you will be required to upload a copy of your policy for review. It must meet all the waiver criteria.

Please submit your health insurance waiver information to


Housing is the responsibility of each student. Host Schools have no obligation to provide housing and their dorms are often full. A student wishing to live in a Host School's dorm should make this known at the time of application. Fees for Room and Board are billed by and payable directly to the Host School. If dorms are full, off‑campus housing information may be obtained from the student services or housing office of the Host School. Students should plan ahead and investigate all housing options at the time of application.

AICAD students who are attending an exchange semester at CCA may request on-campus housing by contacting to apply.

Institutional Work-Study

AICAD exchange students are eligible for Institutional Work-Study during their semester of enrollment at CCA. Instructions for finding and applying for jobs can be found here: Institutional Work-Study.