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About Tech Services

Last updated on Aug 23, 2021

The Mission

The Technology Services department supports CCA faculty, staff, and students in their use of information technology and technological resources. The educational mission at CCA is to educate those who shape culture through their work as artists, architects and designers. This mission governs the goals for the use of technology at CCA.

These fundamental goals, developed within the context of a strong history of exploration in traditional technologies, are:

  • to establish strategic and productive methods for the use of new technologies
  • encourage the exploration of new and innovative methods for the application of new media
  • establish methods for determining fair and equitable distributions of limited resources
  • promote ubiquitous accessibility and seamless integration of new technologies

These goals are further defined in regard to their application in teaching and learning, administration, communication and accessibility as follows:

  • Provide a forum for examining larger planning decisions and developing a multi-year technology implementation plan.
  • Develop and provide a method for prioritizing technology spending in accordance with institutional goals and within the larger institutional capacity.
  • Develop and provide a method for assessing student, faculty, and staff needs related to technology training and support.
  • Develop and provide an environment that supports the idea of one College with open access to information and resources.
  • Develop and provide an environment that supports a lucrative relationship between traditional and new technologies.
  • Develop and implement methods to facilitate student ownership of computers.

Principles & Values

An important component of shaping and delivering technology services at CCA is reflected through a statement of organizational values and core technology principles. Both are intended to help guide the College in making informed and valuable decisions regarding its technology investments and the success of its services and initiatives.

Technology Services Values reflect the values espoused by Tech Services in the delivery of its services. These are values that we apply to how we perform our work, our relationships with one another and with the CCA community. They guide and shape our behavior.

CCA Technology Principles are lasting principles used to guide the way and shape service and technical investment decisions across the College. This includes programmatic initiatives and partnerships.

Organizational Values

Tech Services Values are values that we apply to how we perform our work, our relationships with one another and with the CCA community. They guide and shape our behavior.

Technology Services strives to:

  • Act in a principled and trustworthy manner
  • Cultivate Collaboration in pursuit of innovative excellence and academic and artistic leadership
  • Lead and Listen: seek to understand
  • Embrace Change, and to Make Change
  • Stay Connected by embedding ourselves in the CCA community and programs
  • Solve challenging and complex problems in an open, fun and inspiring way!
  • Encourage continuous learning for our staff through professional development and stretch opportunities

Technology & Service Principles

Forward-thinking and future-making:

  • Technology is becoming more deeply embedded in the craft of all the Art and Design disciplines. At the same time, new and innovative technologies are rapidly being developed that support and invite deeper and more global societal engagement, expand access to teaching and learning, improve health and science, and enrich our physical surroundings. CCA Technology will partner with the Academic Programs and the Library to act as a leader in designing future tools, and be intellectually engaged in assessing and debating the impact of new technologies and media on our fields, teaching and learning, and the human experience.
  • Technology services should inspire as well as serve
  • Modern technologies and architectures should be designed and adopted
  • Capitalize on the “Beehive-Like” energy and interdisciplinarity of the academic programs to advance design and prototyping that creates new innovative technology.


  • Technology services and adoption should be driven by the desire to improve the user experience and enable them to excel in their work. CCA is the school that humanizes technology
  • Recognize and balance both unique needs as well as opportunities to cultivate a broad view with shared resources for the common good
  • Delight the broader CCA community with technology services that exceed their expectations

Transparent and discoverable:

  • Technology at CCA should be intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Technology should be integrated through interfaces, authentication, and data
  • Services should be easily discovered and understood
  • Services should be omnipresent, invisible until needed, and anticipate user needs

Good Stewardship:

  • Promote administrative effectiveness
  • Provide responsible oversight for security and privacy and actively educate the CCA community on these issues
  • Cultivate and grow our service culture that emphasizes partnership
  • Communicate broadly and consistently using diverse channels
  • Use constraints creatively
  • Apply and track appropriate metrics and benchmarks for our industry to ensure effectiveness as compared to peer institutions as well as contribute to internal decision-making.

Scalable and Flexible:

  • Leverage platforms that are agile enough to support a broad constituency and act as a shared resource
  • Increase stability and scale by outsourcing/cloudsourcing services and technology where it is delightful and cost-effective
  • Support ad-hoc and context-rich interfaces by enabling lightweight integration opportunities
  • Promote personalization and flexibility to increase engagement