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Network Outage from Second DDoS Attack

Posted April 4, 2023, 3:21 PM

As of yesterday evening, CCA’s wireless network has been restored. Access to web-based systems appears to have been fully restored for users from most of the world. However, some users outside the U.S. may experience slow or interrupted connection to web addresses for now.

These network disruptions were caused by a high volume of malicious network traffic, a “dedicated denial of service” (DDoS) attack similar to the one that caused last week’s outage. CCA’s firewall successfully prevented any systems from being compromised, but because the attacks targeted our DNS–a service directing the flow of internet traffic to the right address–legitimate network traffic was also temporarily disrupted.

We are working diligently to restore system access globally. Among other improvements, we plan to redistribute certain network traffic, which should reduce network downtime from future cyberattacks.

Even with these improvements, please be aware that CCA is still vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, which can occur at any time.

Thank you once again for your patience throughout the process.


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