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BART partners with CCA students to launch new courtesy posters.

Posted February 9, 2018, 3:50 PM

BART enlisted CCA graphic design students to help combat bad behavior and encourage positive rider etiquette.  Starting this month and rotating throughout the year, riders will see the results of this partnership- about a dozen poster designs for on board trains and inside stations taking on topics such as backpack etiquette, elevator cleanliness, littering, fare evasion, behavior on trains, and more.

“We asked the students to come up with something attention grabbing, engaging, honest and playful,” said Alicia Trost, BART Spokesperson, who worked with the students in addition to BART’s Art Program Manager Jennifer Easton and Tim Chan, Acting Group Manager of Stations Planning. “We also wanted to embrace ideas and campaigns that younger generations would relate to and connect with,” Trost said.

Under the direction of class instructor Eric Heiman and student project manager Bill Chien, the students did briefings with BART, spoke with riders, and drew on their own transit experiences to develop a campaign meant to change behavior and improve the rider experience at BART.  The students were participants in the TBD* Studio that pairs advanced students with community partners to provide quality design services while exposing graphic design students to professional experience and the rewards of using their skills in the service of a good cause. Read the full story.