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The New BART app is here!

Posted October 31, 2019, 1:16 PM by Kelly Dawson

The New Official BART app is here!

The new BART app provides many exclusive features which will help answer and respond to some of riders’ most pressing questions and issues:

  • Real-time departures, schedule timetables, and fare calculator
  • Station information, including information on secured bike parking and car parking
  • Escalator and elevator advisories
  • Real-time service disruption information on the Trip Planner
  • Step by step navigation with personalized preferences and saved favorite stations and trips
  • Ability to set favorites so user save time and key strokes
  • Ability to plan a trip using more than one of the 30 transit systems in the Bay Area such as bus service, ferries, cable cars, and regional train systems
  • Easily see the last train of the evening by station when planning a night out or trip home from the airport
  • Report a Biohazard feature for items and messes that need immediate cleanup
  • Spanish and Chinese translations

BART offers three official apps.

The official BART app for trip planning, real time departures, advisories and more;

The BART Watch app to discreetly text police dispatch about illegal activity;

The BART to Airport app for discounted mobile tickets for group airport travel.

More information available at