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New Routes for Muni Lines 22 & 55

Posted January 14, 2021, 3:20 PM

Updated January 14, 2021, 3:21 PM

Muni lines, 55 Dogpatch and 22 Fillmore start their new routes on January 23, 2021. These major line updates have been in the works for over a year. CCA participated in community meetings, and the CCA Community voted on new route options. These improvements bring increased service and access to CCA, the MFA Graduate Studios, and the entire Mission Bay and Dogpatch neighborhoods. Below is a map of the changes, and the SFMTA announcement.

Article Source, SFMTA Jan 3, 2021

Starting Saturday, January 23, the eastern section of the 22 Fillmore will shift its route to begin serving Mission Bay. Utilizing the new transit and street amenities along 16th Street, the 22 Fillmore will travel east from the Mission to 3rd Street to serve medical facilities and the growing residential and commercial areas in the Mission Bay neighborhood. In addition to increasing service to the Mission Bay neighborhood, this move will provide an improved east-west connector from the Mission neighborhood to Mission Bay, increasing transit access to jobs and healthcare services. This 5+ mile bus route serves nearly 18,000 daily customers from the Marina through the Mission and soon to Mission Bay, improving Muni service to all the neighborhoods in between.

Start of the 55 Dogpatch

Moving the eastern segment of the 22 Fillmore to Mission Bay provided an opportunity to work with the communities of Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch to find ways to improve transportation in their neighborhoods. Beginning with an initial assessment of transportation options and potential future development in the area, SFMTA worked to find what type of transit service would best serve these neighborhoods. After a few years of research and extensive outreach, the community-informed 55 Dogpatch was born as a new Muni route to maintain and enhance transit connections between 16th St Mission BART, Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch. Service on the 55 Dogpatch will also begin on Saturday, January 23.