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Black History Month: Artist of the Week

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feb 01

Mon, Feb 1 2021, 12AM - Sun, Feb 28 2021, 11:59PM


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Organized by

Office of Student Affairs

Event description

During Black History month, the Office of Student Affairs is showcasing three Black artists across the world with different mediums (Visual Art, Music, Performing arts, Writers) in an Artist of the Week email for students and faculty.

events_Artist of the Week 1_2021_np

Sada Ndya

events_Artist of the Week 2_2021_np

Bryan Blue "Blue the Great" and Ravyn Lenae

events_Artist of the Week 3_2021_np

Kara Walker

events_Artist of the Week 4_2021_np

Renell Medrano and Tyler Mitchell

Entry details

For CCA students and faculty only