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Martin Tamke: Towards Computational Design For & With Bio-Materials

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apr 21

Thu, Apr 21 2022, 10:30AM - 12PM

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1111 8th Street, SAN FRANCISCO, California, 94107

Part of event series: Spring 2022 Architecture Lecture Series

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CCA Architecture Division

Event description

A lecture by Martin Tamke, Associate Professor at the Center for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen.

The transition of building industry into a circular bio-based material paradigm, challenges the existing architectural practices - not at least on a computational design and simulation level. For industry it becomes immanent to step away from unsustainable industrial paradigms and material sources and engage in questions on how material heterogeneity and the fact, that bio-materials decompose at some point and condition can not only be taken account for, but become a driver for design. The Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen is endeavoring into the underlying questions of modeling, fabrication and operational frameworks for materials with inherent temporality, In this talk we will introduce the topic and share insights from work in progress on design and fabrication strategies with non-traditional materials.

Martin Tamke is Associate Professor at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen. He is pursuing a design led research in the interface and implications of computational design and its materialization. He joined the newly founded research centre CITA in 2006 and shaped its design based research practice. Projects on new design and fabrication for wood and fibre based materials led to a series of research projects and digitally fabricated demonstrators that explore an architectural practice engaged with bespoke materials and behavior. Martin initiated and conducted research projects in the emerging field of digital production in building industry and architectural computation. The research connects academic and industrial partners from architecture and engineering, computer and material science and the crafts. Currently he is involved in the Danish funded 4 year Complex Modeling and Material Imagination research project and the European InnoChain Innovative Training network.

Co-presented with Autodesk Technology Centers.

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