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Student Roundtable Discussion: Stories in a Time of Truth-Seeking

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mar 10

Wed, Mar 10 2021, 4PM - 4:45PM


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CCA Painting and Drawing

Event description

Join us for a student roundtable discussion led by Audrey Howatt and Mary Graham.

"During this past year, I've been thinking a lot about stories, the archetypes we are brought up with, the ones we relate to and those we no longer live in alignment with. In a time and culture that has drifted far away from oral centric story telling, and continues to do so, in the age of social media sound bytes and instant gratification, how do we tell stories in a way that people can connect with? Specifically as artists, we have the ability to speak in a variety of ways, and our opportunities for telling stories is our power. If stories are defined as opposing "truth", how do we combat the ways in which history is so often inaccurate to our felt and lived experiences? How do we use archetypes to lend themselves to a higher understanding of ourselves? What myths can we tell ourselves to shape the future?" - Audrey Howatt (Drawing and Painting student)

Image created by Mary Graham