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CCA Portal

April 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

Portal 0.2.07 delivers a completely refactored People Directory built on ElasticSearch. The new People Directory is faster and provides better filtering and is easier to use. We’ve also introduced a new card view in addition to the old list view.

The course catalog and shops directory will transition to ElasticSearch over the next couple of sprints.

Another feature that you may love or hate, the Portal now actively logs you out of your session after 20 minutes of inactivity, matching the behavior of Workday. Since the Portal displays some people and roster data, it is important to not leave sessions open. Depending on your feedback, we may relax or modify how this feature works in the future.

This release also contains some nice improvements to the Shops pages, a few important bug fixes, and improved messaging and accessibility.

Over the last three weeks, we’ve been testing the sync between Webadvisor and the Portal with a small number of student volunteers. While this testing is not complete, we can report that it went very well. After working through some initial configuration problems, the sync is working perfectly. We also surveyed and talked with many of the students, providing great feedback to improve the user experience before the next registration cycle in the Fall.

0.2.07 Details


  • General
    • Improvements for filtering out people who are not current students, staff, faculty or alumni.
    • Session timeout matching Workday. After 15 minutes of inactivity, a message appears saying that the session will end after a 5 minute countdown. Clicking anywhere on the page will restart the 15 minute timer. If there isn’t a click by the end of the countdown, the browser redirects to the CCA Logout page, ending the Portal session.
    • Minor navigation fix for the iPad.
    • Some minor accessibility fixes for improved keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
  • Dashboard
    • Added a links Workday and
    • Fixed a bug where the next and previous arrows for events were not appearing on mobile devices.
  • Course Catalog and Planner
    • Section capacity/availability now matches Webadvisor.
    • If you haven’t visited the course catalog, the catalog defaults to the current enrolling termnot the current term. If you are a returning visitor then you see whichever term you had selected during the last visit, if that term is still an active term.
  • Shop Directory and Shop Pages
    • Shop managers can tag orientations in the shop calendar so that those orientations can be displayed in a separate orientation list.
    • Customizable titles for shop managers. Now instead of just Shop Manager, managers can have titles more fitting to their role or the culture of the shop.
  • People Directory and Profiles
    • New ElasticSearch driven front-end; faster, more features, easier to use.
    • New card view.
    • Added a banner that encourages people to log into the Portal to see more results in the People directory.
    • UX improvements and bug fixes for the new avatar editor, including fixes for Internet Explorer 11.

Admission Events

  • No longer displaying the dates of cancelled events in the date picker.