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April - June 2021

Last updated on Nov 15, 2021

April 2021


In May we updated Wagtail! A few of the highlights with the upgrade include:

  • YouTube embed bug fix: you should be able to add new YouTube embeds to your pages (basic and program pages)
  • Page privacy toggles were moved into the "Settings" tab in Wagtail (functionality remains the same)
  • The "Revisions" log will now be "Page History" and found at the top of the screen instead of the footer
  • "Submit for Moderation" to be removed from page publishing options (contact the Portal team if you want to set up a specific approval workflow for content you collaborate on)
  • Reports tab in Wagtail, including a "Site History" report, which compiles page histories for all content you have access to edit (other "workflow" reports not applicable)

May 2021


Fixed a bug that allowed students with special characters in their usernames to appear first in the Showcase Gallery.


Fixed a bug related to the Shops Catalog which caused filtered results to display incorrectly, and another bug which prevented links from manager/staff profile cards to link to their respective profiles.

June 2021


With remote learning likely extending into 2021, Panopto is being utilized more and more by faculty, staff, and students to create globally-accessible video content. This summer, we enabled a new block in the Wagtail editor that supports embedding and sharing Panopto content on portal pages.

Please note: Your video must be set to 'Anyone with the link' in Panopto in order for users to access your embedded video on Portal.


Redirects are now automatically created whenever a Portal page URL changes. Whenever you move a page, your existing links to that page will automatically redirect to the new page URL. ​​We hope that this additional link support will make Portal editing a little smoother and easier!


In June we added some exciting new Course Section Page and My Classes enhancements to Portal including:

  • Adding a new category of class site links for online/virtual course links such as Zoom.
  • Adding help text to the instructor/section page editor encouraging faculty to add a Class Site to their page when one hasn't been added.
  • Adding end user text (visible to enrolled students only) to the course section page indicating when no Class Sites have been added.
  • Adding notice/text/icon to faculty's "My Classes" widget to indicate when there isn't a Class Site added for their sections.
  • Adding notice/text/icon to student's "My Classes" widget to indicate when there isn't a Class Site added for their sections.
  • Including links to existing course sites from the faculty's "My Classes" widget
  • Including links to existing course sites from the students' "My Classes" widget
  • Adding an alert to inform instructors that a Moodle site is hidden when they add it to the page.
  • Pushing uploaded syllabi directly to Vault.

We hope these new features will help reinforce and encourage instructors to easily add their Moodle (or related class sites) to their sections, and also cut down on the amount of confusion from enrolled students trying to find and access them.


We have now added the ability to generate a report of section pages that don't have data added to any of the three Class Site fields (Moodle, Google Classroom, or Custom Class Sites) so that Academic Affairs can more easily identify and follow up with those instructors who have not added a class site to their section yet.