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CCA Portal

August 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

28 August 2017

0.3.01! We have officially left behind version 0.2 — we probably should have incremented the version a while back when we added better searching but we’re working too hard on features and content to think about numbering.

0.3.01 has a hidden feature. Working with Marketing and Communications, we’ve built a new Campustab — hidden from view while we get all the content in place. Campus will debut in a week or so with information about campus planning. We’ll be adding information about transportation and other campus resources before the end of October.

0.3.01 Details



  • Portal version number graduates to 0.3.
  • Page load speed improvements across the board with more to come.
  • Portal dashboard no longer rotate through a series of images. Page load shows a random image each time.


  • The Student’s class schedule on the dashboard is easier to understand and now clearly displays the current day and which courses are not meeting this week. Completed courses for the term have their own section — very useful for Summer courses. And unscheduled courses such as online courses display more information.
  • Also fixed a number of bugs where the class schedule and the catalog would display wrong or misleading section dates and times.

Shop Directory and Shop Pages

  • Improved help text for editors.

Course Catalog and Planner

Campus tab and Campus News

  • The Portal is ready to launch a new Campus tab with news about campus planning. This tab is currently in stealth-mode while we load it up with content.


August 7, 2017

The Portal 0.2.12 release contains mostly bug fixes and UI improvements for the Portal and some new and improved features for the student application.

0.2.12 Details



  • New students can access the Portal as soon as they create their CCA student account. (There used to be a delay.)
  • 3rd party scripts and tags are now managed via Google Tag Manager using the same GTM container as is used for which allows for more control over tags and better tracking across sites.

Shop Directory and Shop Pages

  • Fixed an error with related shops.

Course Catalog and Planner

  • Improved the message to students that they need to go to Webadvisor to complete their course registration.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of the academic calendar in the planner.

Student Application

  • Application status on the dashboard correctly indicates when an application is inactive because the cohort for the application is closed.
  • Added the ability for applicants to update and resend recommendation requests from the application dashboard.
  • Application now communicates to the applicant that their session has timed out. (Application is automatically saved with ever change so data isn’t lost.)
  • Add an option for "None" in the "Military Service and Veterans Benefits" field
  • Improved feedback when uploading an essay. Application now says why the file upload failed so that the applicant can fix the problem before trying again.