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CCA Portal

December 2019

Last updated on Jun 01, 2020

16 December 2019

Wagtail Template Enhancements

Enhancements chosen by Wagtail editors were made to Portal templates.

  • Anchored Subheadings - Subheadings will have distinct URLs so you can link directly to a particular section of a Portal page.
  • Small Subheadings - An additional subheading size will be introduced, somewhat smaller than the original “Subheading” block (and not functioning as an “anchor”).
  • Calendar Widget on Section Pages and Program Pages - The sidebar calendar element (currently only enabled in the “Shops” section of the site) will be introduced as an optional element on other pages, such as “Section” pages or “Academic Program” pages.
  • Notes/Featured Content Block - A rich text element with a distinctive display, in order to support supplementary tips and notes that can be easily distinguished from other text content.

And More . . .

  • Preferred middle names now display on People profiles and cards
  • Miscellaneous bugs were smashed

5 December 2019

Course Section Page Enhancements – Teaching Faculty

  • Add a Class Site – Create a Google Classroom & Calendar
  • Add a Class Site – Link to Moodle Course
  • Add a Class Site – Link to another class site
  • Add a Syllabus to Portal and Vault
  • Add Online Resources
  • Add a Google Calendar
  • Email Section Roster

Course Section Page Enhancements – Enrolled Students

  • Google Classroom links
  • Moodle Course links
  • Other Class Site links
  • Online Resources links
  • View & Download Added Syllabus
  • View Google Calendar

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Introduced 'My Classes Widget' for teaching faculty