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CCA Portal

February 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

23 February 2017

0.2.05 contains a number of minor enhancements for the new Shops pages and some layout and formatting improvements for the Portal, particularly on mobile devices.

Over the next week or so, you should also expect some of the resource check-out centers on campus join the Shops directory such as the Media Center and the Film cage, as well as the campus computer labs.

0.2.05 Details


  • Shop Directory and Pages
    • Shop pages can now have more than 3 pictures. Clicking on the shop images will bring up a gallery of images for that shop.
    • Formatting improvements, particularly on mobile.
    • Separate fields for phone and email for contacts
    • Improvements to the Materials filter on the directory page
    • Sub-shops don’t automatically inherit the calendar from their parent shop.
  • People Directory and Profiles
    • Some people in the People directory were coming in without first or last names.
    • Faculty can now import their faculty bios from
  • Dashboard
    • Improved dashboard layout, particularly for logged-in students and on mobile.
    • Fixed a bug where a student’s class schedule might be displayed on the wrong day.

CCA Student Application

  • Improved navigation for submitted applications.
  • Improvement to admin tools making it easier to search for specific application.


Feb. 2, 2017

0.2.04 is mostly a bug fix and clean up release following the release of the new Shops directory.

The shop managers have also made many, many edits and improvements to the Shops content. The directory is now very complete and up-to-date.

The Portal team has also begun discussions with students, staff, and faculty, collecting ideas, requirements, and priorities for our next big push around information for students. This work will begin to surface over the next 4 to 5 months.

0.2.04 Details


  • Shop Directory
    • New optional staff page, if Shop managers add staff to a shop.
    • Shop directory caches selected filters between page visits during the current session.
    • Shop pages use a 3 column format in the Info box
    • Shop directory thumbnails now properly cached speeding up directory
    • Numerous authoring enhancements
      • easier to select materials
      • Easier to find and select shop managers and staff
      • Limit image uploads to 8MB
    • Separate fields for phone and email for contacts
  • People Directory
    • People search failing when person has a two name first name, like "Mary Catherine"
    • Displaying correct result count in the People Directory
  • Course Directory
    • Search is now case-insensitive
  • General
    • Updated social media icons, added SnapChat
    • Fixed bug where an unneeded background image was being loaded on every page.

CCA Student Application

  • Pre-College application, added validation to check applicant’s age and completion of sophomore year in high school before creating an application.
  • Undergrad application, improved education history requirements for 2nd Degree and Transfer applications.
  • Clean up duplicate institutions