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CCA Portal

February 2020

Last updated on Feb 25, 2020

11 FEBRUARY 2020

The Portal moved from being hosted on-premise to CCA's Google Cloud Platform. The move allows Portal development to be more scalable, sustainable and secure.

As part of this work, we upgraded to Wagtail 2.7. This release delivered features such as:

  • Snazzy new Wagtail interface
  • Links to Wagtail Documents are now browser-stable, so instead of automatically downloading the file, it will open in the user's browser tab!
  • The Paragraph block's link feature supports two new link types: a tab for phone links and a tab for anchor links (link to specific sections on the same page; to link to specific sections on other pages, you'll still have to use the external link tab).
  • You can add a caption to Table blocks to identify the overall topic of the table, useful for screenreader users (text does not display on the page).
  • Revision comparison is more precise, as it now displays more details about every block, tracking changes via green and red highlights (indicating addition or deletion of content, respectively).

25 February 2020

A new look and feel for the Portal profile and People Directory was released.

The new profile design is carried out throughout the site:

screenshot of a course section page quickview