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CCA Portal

July 2017

Last updated on Jun 25, 2018

July 13, 2017

A few small Portal improvements snuck into 0.2.11. Otherwise the release focused mostly on improvements to the campus student application in preparation for next year.

More application enhancements to come in the next sprint!

0.2.11 Details


Shop Directory and Shop Pages

  • Added Printing Services to shops. Printing services have been part of shops for a while but now they have their own shop type so you can filter for them in search.
  • Shops now sort alphabetically if no filter or search is applied.

People Directory and Profiles

  • People now sort alphabetically if no filter or search is applied.

Student Application

  • Uploading of the personal essay is now part of the application form and is required before the form can be submitted. The essay is no longer displayed on the dashboard with the requirements.
  • Added # of college credits for transfer and second degree applicants.
  • Minor improvements to the instructions under Education History.
  • Smarter expiring of admissions events; we no longer display events that have already started.
  • Fixed a bug where applicants could create a blank school.
  • Fixed a small accessibility bug with the Fee Waiver button. Some users may have had trouble triggering the button using only a keyboard.