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July - December 2021

Last updated on Dec 10, 2021


Page Feedback and Last Updated Feature

  • It is now easier to send and receive feedback about Portal content. In addition to our general suggestions page (linked in the Portal footer) we have introduced a more prominent feedback link, which will appear near the top of all basic pages, program pages, and shop pages.
  • The feedback link is specific to each page on which it appears, meaning that submitted feedback goes directly to the last editor of the page and specifies the page title within the feedback message automatically.
  • In addition to Page Feedback, we have implemented a "last updated" timestamp to display alongside the page feedback link. This will show the date on which the page was last published, providing more transparency to site users about the recency of the content they're viewing.


Scheduled Meetings Bugfix

  • We squashed a bug in which the Scheduled Meetings widget showed class meetings before start-date and after their end-date.

Section Page Bugfix

  • We also fixed a bug which affected the card placement on Section Pages allowing cards to drift to the bottom of the page


My Classes Widget Enhancements

  • Incoming faculty now also have access to the "My Classes" widget to more easily navigate to their section pages prior to the start of the semester. Additionally, the My Classes widget has also been enabled for all incoming students with enrollments.


Accessibility Improvements

As part of an ongoing effort to improve Portal's accessibility and meet WCAG Level AA standards, a number of display changes and several new functionalities have been implemented:

  • New design for home page Quicklinks
  • New design for the announcements widget
  • Page cards on landing and section pages have gotten a design refresh, including larger font.
  • Resource links are no longer bound within a blue box. Each link type now has a unique heading, and document links have a unique look!
  • Inline links are now underlined to better distinguish them from normal text.