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CCA Portal

June 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

23 June 2017

In version 0.2.10, we bring ElasticSearch to the Shops directory. Now all of current directories — People, Courses, and Shops — use ElasticSearch. We also introduce name suffixes for the folks who might want to add them to their profiles.

And the usual bug fixes and small UX improvements.

0.2.10 Details


Shop Directory and Shop Pages

  • Shops directory now uses ElasticSearch.
  • Shops directory now provides ability to filter by shop, computer lab, or check-out service.
  • Identified and updated some shops that didn’t specify a location.

People Directory and Profiles

  • Workday and Portal profiles now support name suffixes. Want to add Jr. or Ph.D to your name? Go to Workday and add you favorite suffix to your preferred name on your Workday profile.
  • Searching for names, usernames, and other text containing numbers and punctuation now works correctly across all directories.


  • Minor improvements to Profile avatar editor, including upload progress bar.

Course Catalog and Planner

  • Updated all add to planner and remove from planner icons.
  • Improved help text for add and remove buttons.
  • No longer allowing students to add cancelled courses to their planner.

Student Application

  • Trim trailing whitespace from email before saving to avoid validation errors.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the Enter key inside the application, inquiry, and event registration forms the would go back to the application dashboard.

5 June 2017

The 09 release of the Portal included a refactoring of the CCA student application code to be able to support auto-saving. This will reduce the possibility that applicants will lose data while editing their applications. We also took this opportunity to reduce and simplify the amount of code and make it easier to maintain.

We also fixed a few niggling bugs in the Portal.

0.2.09 Details


  • Profile
    • We now support the tilde (~) character in site URLs.
  • Course Catalog and Planner
    • Course section pages now correctly if the section in online or off-campus.
  • Shop Directory and Shop Pages
    • Fixed a formatting bug when a person’s name got very long.
    • No longer displaying the section header for Orientations if there are not currently any orientations listed in the calendar and/or there isn’t an orientation summary.
  • People Directory and Profiles
    • When accessing the People directory without logging in, we now present a better message as to why you can only see a very small number of students.

Student Application

  • Auto-save for the student application.
  • Thorough code refactoring and cleanup.
  • Added the ability to turn-off specific programs from the admin console.