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CCA Portal

March 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

The biggest feature in Portal 0.2.06 is an upgraded and easier to user avatar editor for your Portal profile. There a number of other improvements across the system. Please see Details below.

During the Fall ‘17 registration period, we’ll be testing with a small number of students the capability to keep the Portal course planner in sync with the preferred courses list in Webadvisor. This will ensure that the new functionality is complete, easy to use, and error-free and ready to roll out in the Fall.

0.2.06 Details


  • General
    • Added a maintenance-mode screen to be displayed during system downtime.
    • Added warning for out-of-date browsers with a link to update your browser.
      • We currently test and support the same browsers that Google supports.
    • Correctly importing alumni users into the Portal. Alums can login but there isn’t anything special for them there right now.
    • Small performance enhancement by compressing and concatenating JS and CSS files.
    • Fixed a number of students in the Portal that were not showing up as students.
  • Course Catalog and Planner
    • Rolled out the Fall ‘17 Catalog and Planner in Portal.
    • Rolled out planner/webadvisor integration to 14 student testers.
  • Shop Directory and Shop Pages
    • Worked with shop, lab and checkout managers to add additional spaces and to make incremental content for existing spaces.
  • People Directory and Profiles
    • Major upgrade the avatar editor. Much easier to make changes to your avatar after the fact.
    • Image upload for avatar will limit to user to image file formats on supported platforms/browsers.

CCA Student Application

  • Many fixes for Admin users to make it easier to manage applicants and applications.
  • UI changes to support closed cohorts.
  • Now only allowing one account per email.
  • Validating middle name, restricted to 30 characters. Would previously throw an error.
  • Blocking the creation of a 2nd undergrad for a single term.