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CCA Portal

May 2017

Last updated on Jan 16, 2020

4 May 2017

Following the refactor of the People directory in the last release, this release contains an overhaul of the Course Catalog using the super-fast and powerful ElasticSearch framework.

0.2.08 also contains the first release of FAQ and Tutorial content templates for Shops which we'll be able to use for other content in the Portal and the final release of the CCA email footer generator.

If you've already tried out the email footer generator in the Portal, you will want to build a new footer using the final footer design.

0.2.08 Details


  • General
    • Improved designs for the session timeout screen.
  • Dashboard
    • Moved the registration schedule higher on the page.
  • Course Catalog and Planner
    • New card view in addition to list view.
    • Completely refactored course catalog search.
      • Improved speed.
      • More search options, including time of day
    • Now displaying when course sections are closed or cancelled.
    • Better icons for Adding and Removing sections from your planner.
  • Shop Directory and Shop Pages
    • Combined the Tool Pages and Equipment list. The new combined list will be a little harder to maintain but will allow for more flexibility in the way that equipment is listed.
    • Added the first iterations of FAQ and Tutorial page templates. As shop managers use these templates, we will make design and formatting changes to meet the managers needs.
    • Made the orientations field a little more flexible, allowing for only an orientation summary without calendar integration.
    • Fixed some formatting problems on shop manager avatars.
  • People Directory and Profiles
    • Fixed some permissions bugs in search.
    • Added the ability to refresh individual records in the in the search index without completely rebuilding the index.
    • Partial match searches supported for names and usernames.


  • Add administrative configuration tools to allow for graduate programs to be individually turned on and off as different program cohorts get filled.